About ArtFusion

ArtFusion Copenhagen is a modern fashion brand, based in Copenhagen Denmark. 

Founded with a simple mission: to create accessible, quality fashion. 

Focusing on sustainability and quality in the design, we want to put the value back into the garment and secure a longer life circle for our products. 

Our fabrics are selected with care and our products are created with heart.

ArtFusions signature style is colorful prints and feminine silhouettes in a poetic and playful expression. 

All of our print stories are developed from original artworks, created by our design manager.

"For me, the playfulness is like a key, which open all doors. I love to work with print and colors, it can tell so much. It allows you to dream, that all is possible" 

Louise Autrup Vinkel, design manager.

We want our excitement for fashion to show in our products. 

Hopefully, you feel this excitement too when entering our universe.